Withdraw Bullion from Storage

If you encounter any problems while following this procedure, please contact us for assistance at [email protected] or call us at +65 6100-3040, +1 (848) 285-5466 (US callers), +44 114 697 7458 (UK callers), +31 970 102 57458 (EU callers), +61 480 097 458 (AU callers).

Step 1 Visit our website at WWW.SILVERBULLION.COM.SG and Log-In with your Silver Bullion Account. 
Step 2 Click on the STORAGE > MANAGE S.T.A.R. HOLDINGS tab to view your parcel list.

Step 3 Click on REQUEST DELIVERY on the sidebar and specify the pick-up/delivery location, pick-up/delivery location date, etc. Select the parcels your wish to withdraw from storage and click REVIEW DELIVER REQUEST.
Step 4 Review your parcel withdrawal details and click SUBMIT to confirm your parcel withdrawal request.

Step 5 Your Parcel Withdrawal Request is now confirmed. You will also receive a withdrawal confirmation in your registered e-mail or in your Secure Notification inbox in your Silver Bullion Account.

You are required to collect/pick-up the parcels on the pick-up date specified.