Credit Suisse Palladium Minted Bars are made by Valcambi Suisse. Valcambi is considered to be one of the world's most trusted and popular brands of LPPM good-delivery refiners in Switzerland and was once owned by Credit Suisse. Headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland, it is well known for its quality and purity, the brand is frequently traded by investors for its fine Palladium content and weight. Bullion products minted by Valcambi Suisse offer one of the best combinations of quality, weight, and purity, making them extremely popular around the world.  

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Palladium Maple Leaf coins are a striking tribute to Canada’s most recognizable symbol. Featuring the iconic Maple Leaf, the Palladium Maple Leaf coin is loved by investors and collectors alike for its 9995 fine Palladium content and timeless designs. Palladium Maple Leaf coins minted by RCM offer an unrivaled combination of purity and consistency, making them one of the most popular coins to own in your Precious Metal portfolio.