To Sell or to Take a Loan

If you’re looking to sell your bullion for liquidity, you may consider weighing the benefits of using your bullion as collateral instead of selling it.

The greatest benefit when you collateralize your bullion is that you’ll get the liquidity you need, yet maintain ownership of it. A lien is placed on the bullion you use as collateral. When you repay the loan, the lien is removed. Your ownership of the bullion never changes. While the lien exists, the collateralized bullion will be securely stored at The Safe House, our fully owned vault in Singapore.

Another benefit of using your bullion as collateral is that you can use your item of value again and again to secure loans. Selling your item is a one time transaction.

Taking a secured peer-to-peer loan does not require any credit checks, and there are no usage restrictions.

Key Differences


Offers one of the highest prices

  • You lose ownership the moment money exchanges hands.
  • To regain ownership, you will need to make a new purchase.
  • Quick and simple process.
  • Payment will normally be credited to your account within two business days.
  • Flexibility to change currency of proceeds (USD/SGD).


Secured Peer-to-Peer Loans

Fixed interest rates

  • You get liquidity without losing ownership.
  • Once you pay off your loan, you can reclaim your bullion.
  • Use bullion as collateral again and again.
  • If value increases over time, you can secure a higher loan.
  • Choose your own repayment period and interest rates.
  • Fixed interest rates