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Precious Metal Verifier


  • Detects counterfeit precious metal coins and bars
  • Measure underneath the surface of coins and bars, and test the metal in the interior
  • Reads through numismatic cases, or test coins loose or in bags
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • The Small Wand
  • The Large Wand
  • The Bullion Wand



Some versions of the PMV Original used to be sold without any Wands, and some versions used to be sold with just the Small and Large Wands (without the Bullion Wand). If you are purchasing through a distributor, please confirm which version of the PMV Original they are offering to ensure the device has the correct Wands for your needs.

The PMV Original is not an all-in-one testing device. It is critically important to test the density of your samples in addition to testing the resistivity. The PMV Original only tests the resistivity of the sample. A sample can only be considered genuine if both the resistivity and density are correct.