Updates to our Terms of Service

Posted by Vincent Tie on 03 Oct 2022

On 3 November 2022, our Terms of Service (previously known as the User Agreement) will be updated to include information on new features, products, and services. These changes will not affect your rights towards your property and monies you have with us and any mandatory and/or statutory rights you have as a consumer under Singapore law.

At a glance, this update covers:

Nominating Account Managers: Business, Trust, and IRA accounts will now be able to nominate authorized representatives and authorized administrators, with full or view-only access, to manage your Silver Bullion Account.

New Multi-Account Feature: You may now apply for additional accounts with one User Profile. This allows you to access all of your Silver Bullion Accounts using one pair of usernames and passwords. If you already have multiple accounts with different login credentials, this feature also allows you to consolidate accounts under one pair of username and password.

Allowing Multi-Access on Accounts: All users of an account (i.e. all account types except personal accounts) can be invited to create their personal usernames and passwords to have account access.

Improvements in Account Security: You may now use your verified two-factor authentication credentials to update your account details without the need to submit manual documents to us.

Peer-to-Peer Loans for Luxury Goods: Our Secured Peer-to-Peer Loans platform will soon allow borrowing requests to also be offered with luxury timepieces as collateral. Such requests are exclusively offered by approved third-party specialist partners.

Improvements on the Gold Savings Account: The improvements include the GSA AutoSave which allows you to set up recurring purchases with credit cards. We will also soon introduce the Transfer-In feature for the Gold Savings Account, allowing you to deposit physical gold bars in our Singapore vault, The Safe House, for credit to your Gold Savings Account. More approved vaults from around the world will be announced in the future.

Credit Card Enrolment: We will soon launch the ability to save credit cards in your Silver Bullion Account to allow for easy settlement of storage fees (when they become due), or facilitate the recurring credit card payment when enabling the GSA AutoSave function.

General updates for improved readability: We have reorganized our Terms of Service for better readability with the aim for our clients to understand our policies and services easily.

In addition to this summary of changes, please read the complete Terms of Service, which will go into effect on 3 November 2022.