Posted by Chong Ming Wong on 25 Sep 2023

September Silver Promotion

Image: Bars of silver bullion

At Silver Bullion, we strive to provide timely insights to help you make informed decisions as an investor in precious metals. Given recent developments, now may be an opportune time to stock up on physical silver.

As referenced in Silver's Undervaluation: A Precious Metal in High Demand That Is Growing Scarcer, demand for silver in photovoltaics and other industrial applications is poised to reach new highs over the next few years. Major growth in the solar energy sector is driving record-breaking silver consumption to produce solar panels and other related technologies.

This year, the investment in photovoltaics alone is widely expected to exceed investments in oil exploration and extraction. The resulting surge in silver industrial demand comes at a time when above-ground silver stockpiles are declining and mining output is constrained.

Yet, despite high industrial demand, silver prices have been stagnating.

Silver Price Analysis

A reason for the unexciting price performance is the large silver outflows from silver ETFs, which according to have seen net outflows of $1.2 billion USD worth of silver in the year to date through August 31, 2023.

As investment grade silver flows out of ETFs and exchanges, it becomes a timely supply for industrial buyers who turn the bars into silver pastes, effectively destroying the silver – pending very expensive recycling in 30 years - and thereby further reducing above ground silver supplies.

Despite having had the highest physical deficit (demand exceeding supply by 23%) in 2022 and large deficits being forecasted for 2023, silver is also historically undervalued vs gold. The gold / silver ratio stands at 83, objectively marking silver as undervalued vs. gold.

The outlook suggests silver prices have significant room to run as physical demand continues to outpace supply and is likely to jump quickly once more investors demand returns.

We recommend acting now to take advantage of silver prices before further spikes occur.

Limited-time September Promo

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Silver Bullion

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