Posted by Patrick Vierra on 31 Aug 2023

Nick Santiago - Fiat Currencies Will eventually Crumble

SBTV spoke with Nick Santiago from in the money stocks dot com and Nick, a professional trader is flashing his warning signals to get some gold, get some silver. Fiat currencies will crumble.

This and more including why your babysitter may be asking to be paid in precious metals? Hmmm???

Discussed in this interview:

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Macroeconomic Outlook
04:18 $19 Silver
08:33 Precious Metals Historical Cycles
11:13 CBDCs: Good or Bad?
14:53 Doses of Liquidity
19:00 U.S. Feeling the Pain
23:17 Paper vs. Physical Metals
27:12 Power to the BRICS

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