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Posted by Vincent Le on 17 May 2024

Gareth Soloway - Silver...What the Heck is Going On?


In an engaging dialogue on SBTV, Patrick Vierra sits down with Gareth Soloway, the astute Chief Market Strategist at Verified Investing, to dissect the complexities of the current economic environment and the critical role of precious metals in investment portfolios. Gareth, known for his sharp analysis away from mainstream narratives, delves into the intricacies of market psychology and the broader economic indicators that suggest looming challenges and opportunities. This discussion is particularly crucial for those looking to understand the undercurrents that could influence their financial decisions in near and distant futures.

The conversation also pivots to the strategic importance of integrating gold and silver into one's investment mix, especially in turbulent times. Gareth explains how these metals serve not only as hedges against inflation but also as essential components in the burgeoning sectors like renewable energy, which could drive their demand significantly higher. For investors and market watchers pondering over the 'soft landing' of the economy or navigating through the smokescreens of market optimism, this interview promises to shed light on 'what the heck is going on' with clear, data-backed insights. It's a must-watch for those who prioritize preparedness and value a deep dive into economic realities over superficial analyses.


0:00: Gareth Soloway discusses the potential breakout of silver and short squeeze, with $35 and $50 price targets.
4:05: Impact of optimistic narrative on economy and debt levels, potential risks of defaults.
7:55: Analysis on underemployment data as a leading indicator for potential recession.
11:28: Discussion on trading volatility, potential issues with Robin Hood, and missed investment opportunities.
14:59: Importance of diversification in investments to control emotions and build long-term wealth.
18:42: Silver price is expected to experience multiple hits before breaking out to the upside in the near future.
22:39: Central banks buying gold to diversify from US dollar, protect against future financial turbulence.

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