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Posted by Vincent Le on 18 Apr 2024

Francis Hunt - Gold and Silver Look to Bring Extreme Wealth


An in-depth analysis from Francis Hunt outlined a seminal moment for gold finally breaking above $2,000 after multiple tests, representing the start of a major upward move that could take the yellow metal towards $7,500 or higher levels. This was portrayed as part of a larger trend driven by accelerating debt devaluation and fiat currency destruction, cementing gold's role as the prime inflation trade. Charts were presented showing gold's valuation relative to CPI remains extremely depressed historically, suggesting massive potential upside remains to be unlocked.

On silver, the key trigger for it to begin outperforming gold was identified as a breakout from the long-term channeling pattern it has been trapped in. However, a warning was issued that this event could unfold violently - with an initial move down to the $32-$65 area before eventually targeting ultra-depressed single-digit silver-gold ratios, implying silver prices in the thousands of dollars. Physical precious metals accumulation was strongly advised, along with other protective measures, as a means to preserve wealth and freedom amid the looming economic resets and fiat currency debasement expected to transpire.


0:00: Shift towards financial preparedness in gold and silver market trends.
4:36: Currency devaluation and debt problem impacting markets with 7 trillion in new treasuries issued.
8:54: Hedging strategy using Asian currencies against gold and silver investments for overall outperformance.
12:38: Analysis of FED's impact on yield curve inversion and potential market crisis.
16:28: Gold's potential for extreme wealth highlighted through historical valuation against CPI.
20:46: Analysis of silver and gold ratio during market movements, emphasizing key alert zones.
25:12: Shift from yield to capital preservation, predicting gold and dollar rise amidst unexpected rate increases.
29:15: Silver showing potential for significant price increase with technical patterns indicating upside targets.
33:29: Impending hyperinflation to benefit the wealthy while devastating the lower classes with rising costs and food insecurity.
37:10: Warning of upcoming financial system changes and the need for self-reliance.
41:11: Preserving wealth through gold and silver investments to resist dystopian threats and build extreme wealth.

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