Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 05 Jan 2023

EP1 - Building the World's Highest-Capacity Vault

Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis had a profound impact on Silver Bullion's founder, Gregor Gregersen. As Lehman Brothers' collapse sent shockwaves throughout the world, Gregor witnessed the panic in a major bank's trading room first-hand.

It set him on a journey towards the time-tested safe-haven assets of gold and silver. The fragility of the global financial system also motivated Gregor to start Silver Bullion as a solution to protect wealth in these uncertain times.

Slated for completion in 2023, The Reserve is a state-of-art mega vault to be built by Silver Bullion in Singapore. While most vaults are built to store gold, the bulk of The Reserve’s 15,000 metric ton capacity is designed for silver and similarly priced rare industrial metals. This incredible facility will also have 15 UL-class 2 vaults to store up to 500 tons of gold.


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