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Posted by Vincent Le on 11 Apr 2024

David Morgan - Silver Deficit Could Be Growing


David Morgan, affectionately known as "The Silver Guru", joins Patrick Vierra on Silver Bullion TV for an insightful discussion on the latest dynamics driving the precious metals markets. As the publisher of The Morgan Report and a renowned analyst, Morgan shares his expert perspective on the recent upswing in silver prices.

He dives into the supply/demand factors contributing to silver's rise, including booming industrial demand confronting a potential supply deficit. Morgan outlines key price levels and ratios to watch, while exploring silver's merits as a monetary metal and potential re-emergence as a currency option amidst fiat depreciation. With his decades of experience studying the silver market, Morgan provides a comprehensive outlook that bullion investors won't want to miss.


01:48 The rise of silver
15:07 Silver deficit
26:49 Silver off-take contracts
32:29 Silver retail scarcity?
38:53 Monetary silver?

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