Silver Bullion's Founder & CEO

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Gregor Gregersen

Founder & CEO

Gregor founded Silver Bullion in 2009 with his accumulated savings to spearhead the concept of “Systemic Wealth Protection” which consists of using physical but liquid assets (e.g. gold and silver) to safeguard wealth for the next generation in a very structured manner.

Having built derivatives at structured product desks, the 2008 financial crisis left Gregor, who was senior data architect for a major bank at the time, with a deep sense of unease about the fragility of our financial system, our unsustainable debt burdens, and increasing political radicalization. It thus seemed obvious that Systemic Wealth Protection would be needed.

Gregor grew up in Germany, where he briefly served in the Luftwaffe, and Italy. He moved to the United States at a young age and earned degrees in Economics, Finance and Software Engineering. He emigrated to Singapore in 2007 because he admired how well the country was run and is now a Singapore citizen.

Four Questions For Gregor:

Have you always been a metals person?
No, I haven’t always been a precious metals person. The role and importance of precious metals only hit me – like a rock, you might say – in 2008. I was a Senior Data Architect for Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest bank – when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. It was only massive government bailouts and guarantees that prevented a financial meltdown. I then started Silver Bullion Pte Ltd in April 2009. I believe physical precious metals, owned outright, and stored with minimal counterparty risk in a safe jurisdiction is the best way to protect and increase your wealth when the next big crisis hits us.
Singapore is far from the U.S. and Europe, why should people store there?
Actually, distance is part of the attraction of storing in Singapore. Historically, governments in financial distress or in times of war have often resorted to nationalizing or confiscating physical gold. Should a serious financial crisis occur, Western countries – which are already heavily indebted and will soon face a pension crisis – might again resort to nationalizing bullion stored within their jurisdictional reach.
How would you describe the unique proposition of Silver Bullion?
We are vertically integrated and therefore we are our client’s only counterparty. This integration allows us to provide many guarantees and safeguards that are absent in the industry at large. Physical bullion testing, client audits on demand, P2P lending and real-time tracking of bullion are such examples. Furthermore, whereas most vaults operate out of rented facilities and minimal capital investments, we built one of the highest capacity vaults and alternative asset centres in the world and we own it. These capital investments represent a commitment that we are here for the very long term.
Where do you see prices going?
Actually I don’t spend much time on short-term gold/silver price movements. Our customers view their wealth stored with us as long-term wealth insurance rather than a short-term investment. Over the past 50 years, gold has increased on average by about 7.8% per year in USD terms. I would expect physical gold to appreciate a lot more over the next 5 to 10 years because so many US dollars have been created since 2008. I expect silver prices to increase more than gold, however. Silver is historically undervalued versus gold, and silver supplies have been shrinking for decades.

Silver Bullion Group Leadership

Vergel Villasoto Director

Vergel Villasoto

Director, Silver Bullion

Vergel helped establish Silver Bullion in 2009 and joined Silver Bullion full time in 2011. He has worked in various positions over the years, from customer service to operations, product development, supplier relations and business development, co-shaping Silver Bullion into the company that it is today. He graduated with double majors in IT and finance from the Singapore Management University.

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John Tay

Director, The Safe House

John joined Silver Bullion in 2011 and established The Safe House into what a Singapore government agency described as "one of the two world-class vaults in Singapore". John was thinking about retiring, but he enjoys his work at TSH so much that he will be with us for many years to come. He cannot wait for the completion of The Reserve and he is looking forward to welcoming clients to an enhanced The Safe House experience.

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Dylan Liang

Head of Operations, The Reserve

Dylan oversees operations and security at The Reserve. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Head of Mall & Retail Division at Certis Cisco. Certis is the leading commercial auxiliary police force authorized to provide armed security officers to government organizations and private companies in Singapore. Dylan has also served as an officer at the Singapore Armed Forces and he holds a diploma in civil and structural engineering.

Team Member 3

Kim Sabularse

Head of Compliance

Kim oversees the risk, legal, and compliance functions of Silver Bullion. He joined Silver Bullion in 2014 and he acts as a controller to ensure that the Group's commitment to ethical conduct is maintained. Prior to this, Kim was the Group Financial Controller of Silver Bullion and he has worked under Deloitte Indonesia and KPMG Philippines as Advisory Manager and Senior Auditor, respectively. Kim holds the CPA Australia designation and is a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines.

Lew Jing Vern

Lew Jing Vern

Head of Finance

Jing Vern leads the finance team to safeguard the assets of the Group, assess risk in investments and ensure accounting activities comply with regulations and auditors. She is a Professional Chartered Accountant in Singapore and Malaysia, with more than 15 years of commercial and audit experiences with MNCs and Big Four accounting firms.

Dias Lonappan

Dias Lonappan

Head of IT

Dias is responsible for the overall technology and architecture strategy and IT security. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry with a track record in both business and IT management, previous to this he has led engineering teams in various SME's in Singapore. He has led the development and operations of different SaaS and retail applications in Web 2.0 & 3.0.