Safe Deposit Boxes (SDBs) are ideal for clients who want absolute privacy. You have full control over what is stored in your safe deposit box, including bullion, jewelry, timepieces, and important documents.

Our Singapore safe deposit boxes are operated by our precious metal vault, The Safe House, and are accessible only to hirers with their issued keys once they are closed. Additionally, they are further secured with uniquely numbered tamper-evident metal seals.

Benefits of our Safe Deposit Boxes


Exclusive Singapore jurisdiction

Assets stored with our safe deposit box service are subject to exclusive Singapore jurisdiction. Private property ownership is one of the pillars of the Singaporean legal system, and The Safe House is only subject to Singaporean authorities.

Not a financial account

Not a financial account

A safe deposit box is not considered a reportable "financial account" in many jurisdictions, including the U.S.

Data security

Data security

Client information is stored on an offline standalone network. This physical detachment from outside networks and the Internet provides superior data security to ensure the maximum privacy of our customers.

Box security

Safe Deposit Box security

In addition to the traditional practice of utilizing a lock and a key, all our secure safe deposit boxes are sealed with uniquely numbered, tamper-evident metal seals. This eliminates the risk of internal tampering with the box (e.g. existence of double keys, etc.) A new seal is issued every time the safe deposit box is locked.

Option to be insured

Option for safe deposit box insurance coverage

Unlike other SDB solutions, which do not offer insurance coverage, you have the option to insure stored bullion with our safe deposit boxes. While you can also store other valuables in your safe deposit box, the insurance covers only bullion (investment-grade precious metals) declared to our vault staff.

Initial remote deposit option

Initial remote deposit option

If you are unable to be present at our vault, you may hire a new safe deposit box and instruct us to deposit bullion in it. Your safe box will then be sealed and locked. The keys along with a video of the deposit process will be mailed to you.

Vault storage security

Vault storage security

Your safe deposit boxes stored within our vault are protected by state-of-the-art security systems, including armed auxiliary police security personnel. This gives you absolute peace of mind when storing valuable items and bullion. Individuals entering our vault undergo additional security checks before they are granted access to their safe deposit boxes. Clients can use one of our vault's private viewing rooms when opening their safe deposit boxes.

Types of Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer two safe deposit box sizes to secure your valuable belongings - a Class I safe deposit box and a Class II safe deposit box.

Class I Safe Deposit Box

  • Designed to efficiently hold bulky items such as silver
  • Can hold a massive 202kg (maximum of 6,500 troy ounces)
  • Measures approximately 99cm x 39cm x 28cm (39in x 15in x 11in)
  • Each box comes with USD 50,000 liability protection, included in the rental fee, which can optionally be increased if requested.
Store in Safety Deposit Box Store in Safety Deposit Box

Class II Safe Deposit Box

  • Designed to hold high-value items such as gold and platinum
  • Can hold 15.6kg (maximum of 500 troy ounces)
  • Measures approximately 58cm x 8cm x 6.5cm (22.8in x 3in x 2.5in)
  • Each box comes with a USD 200,000 liability protection, included in the rental fee, which can optionally be increased if requested.
Store in Safety Deposit Box Store in Safety Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box Charge List

Here are the charges for our Singapore safe deposit box service. Safe deposit box rental fees are fixed in Singapore dollars and can be converted to any of the 8 currencies we transact in at prevailing rates.

Class I Box Yearly Rent
Includes 50,000 USD parcel liability protection
Per Year: $1,600.00 SG
(approx. $1,189.68 US*)
Class II Box Yearly Rent
Includes 200,000 USD parcel liability protection
Per Year: $1,280.00 SG
(approx. $951.74 US*)
New Tamper-Evident Seal
Issuance of a new unique metal seal to re-seal a box after it is opened
Per Box: $25.00 SG
(approx. $18.59 US*)

Optional Services

Additional Liability Protection
Per additional 10,000 USD
Per Year: $25.00 SG
(approx. $18.59 US*)
Initial Remote Deposit
Packing of parcels. CCTV footage will be sent along with keys by physical mail
$200.00 SG
(approx. $148.71 US*)
Drilling Charge
Drilling of lock if SDB keys are lost, lock replacement, and issuance of new keys
$200.00 SG
(approx. $148.71 US*)

Charges inclusive of 9% Goods and Services Tax.
* Assuming a USD/SGD exchange rate of 1.3449 as of 23 July 2024.

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