Undervalued, in demand, and increasingly supply starved


Silver Bullion sells silver parcels, in the form of bars and coins.

These silver parcels are uniquely identified private property, tracked in our parcel ownership list, audited by our financial auditor and Bureau Veritas, fully insured against loss, guaranteed to be genuine, and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction.

Being your property, these parcels can be sold 24/7, used as collateral for low interest peer-to-peer loans, or taken delivery of.

Storage fees for silver parcels are fixed at 0.28 SGD (0.21 USD) per ounce per year. In percentage terms, the storage fee:

  • is 0.71% of the current silver price
  • will be 0.35% if silver doubled in value
  • will be 0.24% if silver tripled in value

Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.

A sample silver parcel

Silver is indispensable

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any metal. It is also a powerful natural bacteria killer. Silver’s unique properties cannot be effectively substituted from its existing applications. This ensures that silver's industrial demand will persist regardless of price. On the supply side, silver is typically mined as a by-product of other metals. This makes it difficult to efficiently increase supply thereby setting the stage for future shortages and strong price appreciations.

Throughout history, governments hoarded silver as a store of wealth and as a means of payment. Silver was the first currency of international commerce and was the foundation of almost all modern currencies (including the U.S dollar). Armies were paid in silver and wars were fought over it. The monetary role of silver was so important that the word for money is “silver” in both French (argent) and Spanish (plata) while the Chinese word for bank is literally translated as “silver house”.

Silver is becoming scarce

After World War II, the U.S dollar became the most widely accepted currency worldwide because it was viewed as a proxy for silver and gold. However, excessive dollar printing forced the United States to default on its silver backing promise by 1968. This was followed by the gold backing default three years later which ushered the world into a purely fiat currency system.

Following these defaults, 1,540 million troy ounces of U.S government’s silver reserves were sold into open markets causing a massive supply influx which was slowly devoured by industries. A typical computer keyboard, for example, contains a few grams of silver which, given the low price, was un-economical to recover. Thus, it was estimated that about half of all silver mined throughout history was thrown away as end-of-life electronic components over the last 50 years. Today, government silver reserves globally are exhausted.

Silver is undervalued

Silver demand has been much higher than mine production for many decades to the point that Thomson Reuters's 2016 World Silver Survey estimates that the “identifiable worldwide above ground silver reserves” are only 71,578 tons of silver compared to gold's 183,600 tons worth of equivalent gold reserves.

Thus, according to Thomson Reuters numbers, there are an astonishing 2.5 gold ounces in reserve for every silver ounce. As of July 23, 2024, a gold ounce is value as being worth 82.32402108356365653929536511 silver ounces.

Historically, 16 ounces of silver were equivalent to a gold ounce. Today this ratio is 82.32402108356365653929536511. Read more on how this ratio is a great indication on whether to buy silver or gold.

Purchase silver parcels

You can purchase silver parcels 24/7, and pay in SGD, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, HKD, JPY, CGT, BTC or ETH.

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Silver 1000 oz* LBMA Good Delivery bar
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Transfer your silver to us

If you already own qualifying silver bars and coins, transfer them over into S.T.A.R. Storage. It is a reasonably-priced way to secure your bullion, while letting you unlock its value through peer-to-peer loans.

Prices start from 100 SGD per parcel.

Transfer-in your existing silver

Silver as collateral

Obtain a loan in SGD/USD/EUR for up to 50% of your parcels’ value (or up to 62% for one month loan contracts) via Secured Peer-to-Peer Loans. The process is fast, easy and reliable.

For example, a 500 oz silver parcel allows you to get a 7,000 USD loan starting August 1 at the following live interest rates:

Take delivery of your silver parcels

Stored parcels can be withdrawn easily with a notice of one business day.

An administrative fee of 25 SGD is charged for the withdrawal of each parcel.

Please contact us for local and international shipping.